Friday, November 18, 2011

Beat Articles: Open House Edition 2011

Best Buddies by Nikki John:
This is a club that encourages students to become friends with people with intellectual disabilities. The group does many activities, such as a laser tag trip, going to the movies, and hosting a family pot luck dinner. Meets at least once a month in either D101 (Miss Tadley) or E202 (Mrs. Black).

Bowling by Nikki John:
Students bowl at Bristol Poke Lanes on Route 13. Students are transported there; parents must provide a ride home. Cost: $9 per week, includes 3 games and shoe rental. See Mrs. Black (E202) or Mrs. Bellus (E206).

Challenge Adventure by Brandon Ferrara:
For students who enjoy outdoor activities, the Challenge Adventure Club is an ideal extracurricular activity to participate in. Trip opportunities include a skiing adventure at Blue Mountain, a rock-climbing excursion, and a paintball trip. See Mr. Hawkinson (P.E.) or Mr. Weidner (J102).

Dance Club by Angelica Fletcher:
The Dance Team will be hosting the 1st School Dance on November 4th. Their first performance will be on November 22nd at the 12th grade Annual Powder Puff Football Game. Don't miss their 3rd Annual Dance Recital on February 10th and 11th. In the Spring, they will be performing at the Phillies game. See Mrs. Hubler, (H&PE) or Ms. Stein (G106 or J110).

Diversity Club:
Formerly known as the International Club, students who join will learn to appreciate the many differences of the people of our world. They will discuss issues and plan ways of improving awareness. See Mr. Reach for more information.

Drama Club by Lyndsay Roach:
Drama Club provides experiences in theater and performing arts. Practices and performs the school play. See Mrs. Bogarde (C204).

FFA by Lyndsay Roach:
FFA is the only youth organization for Agriculture/ Horticulture Programs in the USA. Students learn Citizenship, Leadership, and Parliamentary Procedure techniques, and can compete at local, state, and national levels. See Mr. Vivaldi (D104).

FTA (Future Teachers of America) by Lyndsay Roach:
Learn more about becoming a teacher. Information will be announced later in the school year.

GSA (Gay/ Straight Alliance) by Audra Ratzlaff:
A place to be safe; open to all ages and sexualities. Meets on the first Thursday each month from October through May. See Mrs. Woehr (G107).

Intramurals (NEW!):
Football, Frisbee, Wrestling, Ping-Pong, Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball. See Mr. Weidner (J102) or your PE teacher.

Literary Magazine/ Writers Club:
Get Published! Poetry, short stories, lyrics, original artwork, Poetry Slam, Annual Literary Magazine published in the Spring. Meets on Tuesdays. See Mrs. Morrow (E114).

Mathletes by Matt Oestreich:
Information on this new club is not available at this time.

National Honor Society by Adriana Stephenson:
This is a club for students who have demonstrated academic excellence in areas of leadership, character, community, and school service. Must have a 3.33 or higher average and maintain it. See Mrs. Naylor (C206).

Newspaper by Mrs. Morrow:
Senior Journalism students format TechTimesNow online and hard copy; after-school activities covered by aspiring journalists in the Writers Club. See Mrs. Morrow (E114).

Reading Olympics by Brandon Ferrara:
Like to read? Pick and read from a list of pre-selected books and compete at a Springtime competition with the BCTHS Reading Olympics Team. Members meet every Thursday in the Media Center; see Mrs. Helbling in the aforementioned location for more information. Shoot for the blue ribbon!

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) by John Yoh and Matt Oestreich:
SADD meets year round and hosts the annual Car Crash Re-enactment before prom, plus more. See Mrs. Gugger (C202).

Skills USA by Jessica Bonilla:
Students compete in their shop area against other technical schools. District competition held at Western Montco Tech on January 31st & February 1st, 2012. Students can go to State competition and even Nationals. Lots of scholarship money. Skills has field trips such as Six Flags Fright Night, a Ski Trip to Blue Mountain, and Dorney Park. See Mr. Meyers or Ms. Seratch for more information. Thursdays in E112.

Student Council by Zach Brymer:
Are you a leader? Get involved in YOUR school governance. The Student Council-sponsored Winter Ball will be held on January 27th, 2012. Next meeting is on Thursday, November 10th, 2011 at 2 P.M. in G107. All are welcome. See Mrs. Woehr for more information.

Wellnes Club by Angelica Fletcher:
This club starts in the second marking period and runs through the third marking period. Mr. Schumann (A106) and Mr. Thim (P.E.) are ready for another great year!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Beat Updates

Bowling- Amanda Garman: A club for students to bowl just for fun. It’s provided at Bristol Pike Lanes. Cost for bowling is $9.00 per week (includes 3 games and shoe rental), parents pick up at lanes. Bowling runs from 2:45-4:45.

Freshman Class– Jordan Johnson & Ryan Patterson: The Freshman semi-formal- “Beach Blast” was held on Friday, May 6th at BCTHS from 7pm-10:30pm. Tickets were $15.00.

SkillsUSA- Devon Gage & Carlie Schwartz: 53 of our students at BCTHS took first place in districts. At the States competition, 14 BCTHS students placed first, and will be going to the National competition held in Kansas City from June 20th- 25th.
SADD- Sarah Toothman: The Students Against Destructive Decisions team scheduled the Prom Promise for April 28th. Seniors participated in the “Ghost Out” or the car-crash. All participants and SADD members received a SADD tee shirt.

GSA- Ashley Moffet: GSA clubs can provide a safety net for students during the coming out process. With GSA, youth students find support from peers and school staff. GSA unites LGBTQ students, straight allies, and members of the school community who are committed to making schools safer and more accepting for LGBT students.

Senior Class- Sarah Toothman: This year’s senior prom was held April 29th at the Merion, 1301 Route 130 in Cinnaminson, NJ. The theme was “Midnight Dream.” The Senior Trip to Disney World took place on May 17th – 21st. The trip consisted of five days, four nights. The class stayed at the Disney All-Star Resort.

Drama Club- Anthony LoStracco: The BCTHS Drama Club presented their spring musical “Footloose” on March 25-26 and April 1-2. The drama club’s purpose is to provide performing arts experiences to students here at Bucks County Technical High School.

FTA- Future Teachers of America - Nick Amoroso: Students attended local colleges to check out the campuses and better understand the certifications needed in order to become a teacher. They were able to see what certification programs each college they visited offers. The FTA is all about early experience and being able to have a jump on their career. In the late spring they took a trip to Clara Barton Elementary to help 5th graders. They work with special needs students and help with tutoring after school.

Junior Class- Amanda Garman: There was a Class of 2012 flea market that took place on Saturday, May 14 in the parking lot from 8-1

Adventure club- Tyler O’Connor: This program allows kids to be adventurous and have fun with their classmates. It involves paintballing and skiing. The members go to Blue Mountain and have the choice to snowboard or ski or both.

Best Buddies-Eric Gaunt: Best Buddies is a group that allows students to create opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Reading Olympics-Ryan Patterson: Reading Olympics is a competition that promotes the joy of reading. It encourages all those who love to read to join. The elementary competition was held here at BCTHS on 4/14/11 and the high school competition at New Hope/Solebury High School.
Sophomore Class- Ryan Patterson: the sophomores have a ring dance and ceremony, when the sophomores receive their class rings. They also hold a Biggest Loser fundraiser where the teachers competed to lose the most weight.
BCTHS Gifted Program- Lauren Thomas: BCTHS expanded the gifted program this year by offering a 5 part seminar series entitled: A Study of Bucks County: political, social, environmental, and historic aspects of the county. Students built leadership, communication, and the critical thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Spanish- Kimberly Secoda (Instructor): BCTHS offers students the opportunity to develop communication skills in the Spanish language. Our school offers up to three sequential years of a foreign language which enables our students to communicate with members of our society as well as assist with admission to college.
For the second year in a row, BCTHS Spanish students won the highest honor at the 2nd Annual Bucks County World Language Competition. Students were tested in the areas of vocabulary, grammar, spelling, culture and translation.

Prom Promise/Ghost Out– Sarah Toothman & Devon Gage: Prom Promise is done two days before senior prom. The seniors in SADD do a “ghost out” where the students get made up to look dead. They are then pulled out of their class by the Grim Reaper. These students cannot speak all day. This activity is done to show classmates what it would be like if their classmate were to be killed in a drunk-driving accident. SADD then puts on a car-crash reenactment. The fire department, Bristol Township Police, and the rescue squads participate in this event. It comes as close to reality as possible and usually impacts many kids. The students who “die” in the car-crash have eulogies that are read after the ambulance comes. Guest speakers come and speak to the seniors of how real the consequences of drunk-driving are.

DECA- Nate Pezzillo: 28 Marketing Management/DECA members competed in Jan. at the District 9 DECA Competition. Finalists– Soloman Bronner & Madison Carter in Modeling; Caitlyn Frazier & Madison Carter in Marketing; Kristoff Pressley in Business Services; Jessica Copeland in Job Interview.

Challenge Day- Brad Terrault with Mimi Morrow’s (Instructor) March Courier Times Column:
Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We lived that quote on Challenge Day in February 2011. Over 100 students and 30 adults, working with two energetic facilitators from the organization Challenge, spent the day together learning about ourselves and about each other. The program is intended to help eliminate bullying, violence, harassment, and all those nasty peer-pressures impacting all of the students. Activities included, “If You Really Knew Me” and “Cross the Line”, and these activities gave students a chance to speak and just have people listen. Challenge Day was a great event for all who attended and really will change the lives of the students and faculty that got the opportunity to participate. For more information please visit

Dance Team- Brad Terrault: The BCTHS dance team held many events this year. They hosted the school’s first dance Friday, Nov. 5th, and their first dance recital on Jan. 20th and 22nd. They participated in a leukemia fundraiser March 5th, and performed at the Phillies game on May 1st.

Channel 28– by Lauren Thomas (Instructor): Channel 28 offers the opportunity for students to perform, produce, direct, and run their own TV station. Each year students gain success by being “on air” talent as well as running the behind the scenes technical components. Many students have the opportunity to shine as artists, actors, and technical directors.

Welding Technology - Chuck Kochersperger (Instructor): In addition to learning about metal fabrication, Welding students took a field trip to an underwater welding academy, made a bird house, bat house and bench for Bristol Township’s Geo. Washington Elem. school habitat, and welded a bunny cage for Abraham Lincoln Elementary. Mr. K conducted a 3½ day etiquette training overview, then welders escorted their dates to the dining room to practice their new etiquette skills. Welders also made Breast Cancer wind chimes as fundraisers and Senior Sean Gilmore won SkillsUSA Districts and State Competition and will be going to the National Competition for the 2nd consecutive year! Pics of all activities on the BCTHS we site in Mr.K's website.

Writers Club by Mimi Morrow (Instructor)
Students in the Writers Club meet on Tuesdays after school and work on creative writing. They have held a Poetry Slam, and hosted the annual “Valentine’s Day Fundraiser Dinner’ at the Squirrel’s Nest in Morrisville, PA. These talented writers create, jury, design, lay-out and format pieces submitted from students in all grades to be included in the annual magazine, published in May. This year marks the 11th annual Literary Magazine.

Top Ten List From Seniors to Underclassmen Part 2

One thing you should NEVER do is:
      Park in the school lot without a parking pass!
Two creative excuses to get out of class are:
      You need to get an assignment from a teacher.
      You left a book on the bus and you have to contact the bus depot immediately!
Three activities you will enjoy are:
Gym class with the da boys
Four teachers who are tough are:
Mr. Haas
Mr. Whisenant
Mrs. Heintz
Mr. Dintinger
Five excuses for forgetting homework are:
It flew out your car window
Left it on the bus
Your mom was checking it and forgot to give it back
Someone jacked your backpack
Left it in the car
Six favorite teachers:
Mr. Ayres
Mr. Sellen
Mrs. Morrow
Mr. Hawkinson
Mr. Daubert
Mrs. Kley
Seven Excuses for being late are:
Free pancake day at ihop
Stomach issues
Fell asleep in the bathroom
Car broke down
Forgot schoolbag
Rough weekend
Got sprayed by a skunk
Eight reasons why I will or will not miss BCTHS:
I will miss our crazy lunches
I will miss cool teachers
I will miss shop
I will miss my friends
I will not miss tech’s meals
I will not miss parking permits
I will not miss security guards
I will not miss tech’s no fun policy
Nine memorable events at BCTHS:
Lizards in lunches
Paint booth
Shop fire
6th period hockey
Hand Ball
Da boys
Hallway riots
Crazy lunch table
Ten words of advice from a senior are:

Top Ten List From Seniors to Underclassmen Part 1

One thing you should never do is:
        Walk on the wrong side of the hallway
Two creative excuses to get out of class are:
I’m pregnant
I had an accident
Three activities you will enjoy:
Four teachers who are tough are:
Ms. Ferraro
Mrs. Kagwi
Mrs. Giuliano
Mrs. Fix
Five excuses for forgetting homework are:
Dog ate it
Didn’t understand it
What homework!
Didn’t feel like doing it
I had family issues
Six favorite teachers
Mr. Sackett
Mrs. Morrow
Mr. Yoder
Mr. Rudy
Mr. Ayers
Mr. Haas
Mrs. Bogarde
Seven excuses for being late
Doctors appt.
Car broke down
Didn’t feel like coming
A lot of traffic
Dog died
Missed the bus-again
Eight Why I will or will not miss BCTHS
Bad food
Fun classes
Lunch with friends
Gym class
No homework
No drama
Nine memorable events at BCTHS:
Field day
Senior picnic
Senior prom
After Prom parties
Mrs. Morrow’s boss Journalism class
Lunch room fiascos
PowderPuff Football Game
Ten words of advice from a senior are:
Hard work
Show up