What Is a Unique Selling Point and Examples In Marketing

Unique Selling Point

If you want to make your business stand out from the competition, you need to highlight your brand’s strengths. This advantage is known as a unique selling point or USP.

This USP may interest potential consumers in purchasing the product. Therefore, the existence of a USP is obviously very important to business people.

For those still confused, see the explanation below to help you determine the right USP for your business!

What Is a Unique Point of Sale (USP)?

USP, or Unique Selling Point, is an advantage that distinguishes your company from the competition. The existence of a USP can make your product more attractive.

Therefore, USP can be used as an identity that is formulated based on business goals and must respond to customer needs.

Essentially, a unique selling point can be a service, a distinctive packaging design, or the variety of products offered to buyers. Typically, the USP may be included in the product password.

Therefore, it is common for a potential customer to change their selection to a different salesperson when you are not providing an attractive advantage or difference.

3 Ways to Determine Your Unique Point Of Sale (USP)

Now that you understand the importance, form, and criteria for a unique selling point, it’s time to find the right way to define your USP in line with your business.

1. Knowledge of Market Share And Consumer Behavior

The first step to identifying a unique selling point is understanding the market you are targeting.

The process includes searching for market needs, consumer demographic information and product consumption behavior.

2. Communicate Clearly and Unambiguously

To create a unique USP, it is important to clearly convey the point of sale.

This way, your customers will be interested and want to know more about the products you sell.

3. Be A Consumer

The final step is to position yourself as a consumer. You need a more objective approach to the products you offer.

This, in turn, encourages you to offer products that can respond to market needs, so that your business is the consumer’s primary choice.

Examples of Unique Points of Sale (USP)

It turns out the use of unique selling points has been used frequently by many big brands; you know! So what brands have implemented this strategy?

Here are some brands that have made good use of USP that could be inspiration for your business.

1. Starbucks

Who does not recognize Starbucks? One of the largest coffee beverage companies in the world often uses unique points of sale in its operations.

Some of the USP services used are interactive communication with employees and discounts given when consumers use Starbucks official merchandise

This makes Starbucks the best choice and ensures that consumers are always loyal to buying the products on offer.


Another brand that uses this unique strategy at the point of sale is IKEA. They promote a “do it yourself” or “do it yourself” culture by selling furniture products that consumers can assemble easily.

This USP makes IKEA one of the leading brands in the world, employing approximately 200,000 employees worldwide and present in almost 50 countries.

This is an explanation of a unique selling point that you can use as one of your best business strategies. In addition to paying attention to the uniqueness of the product, you also need to know the market conditions of the products being placed on the market.

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