The illusion Behind ‘Unlimited’ Web Hosting

Web Hosting

It’s a great idea to provide unlimited hosting features. But the question is whether it is. Not! Before we get to the main aspect, we will discuss the claims of web hosting companies in the context of an unlimited web hosting plan.

In this post, Buzzhost will debunk the “Unlimited” hosting myth. We will analyze the false claims of hosting companies behind this myth. So together we will debunk this myth by discussing it with us.

No Limits – Everything Is Sold Out

There is no limit to what you can do as hosting servers do not support unlimited sites. Even your hard drive has limitations. Pakistan Web Hosting claims to offer unlimited or unlimited bandwidth as well as disk space as well as over-selling. Hosting companies boast of providing complete hosting services in Pakistan under the predetermined terms of the “Fair Use Policy”!

Fair Use Policy! This means you can host your website using the resources you have in your account and the disk space included in your hosting plan. If your site exceeds your bandwidth limit, you will be charged additional fees for violating the Acceptable Use Policy and your site will be penalized. Therefore, they are false in their claims of unlimited scope!

Nothing Is Unlimited

About 10 out of 100 hosting users use this allotted quota to send data over their networks, consuming a lot of bandwidth.

Users are also migrating to VPS hosting as their site will not be able to survive in a shared hosting environment.

Resource Management

Your site’s technical requirements will likely require more CPU and memory than bandwidth. Hosting companies must mention CPU and RAM processes in their hosting plans.

Let’s say your website performs 100 different processes per minute. Each routine takes 0.2 CPU minutes. Your site will probably be closed soon! If your site has many users and uses the most CPU resources, it will slow down all sites on the server.

Unlimited hosting is no problem hosting your website. However, when deciding on a hosting plan, whether or not you want unlimited hosting, don’t fall for marketing gimmicks that use the word “unlimited”. he is helpful.

Unlimited Bandwidth

The web hosting offers unlimited bandwidth in its cheap plans. They define throughput as the amount of data that can flow through a data circuit per second, but technically that definition needs to be changed.

The amount of data available for transmission at any given time is limited. ISPs can add “unlimited bandwidth” to their hosting plans, but they also play games with their customers.

Most hosting companies specify in their contracts how much data they can transfer, and you should specify your bandwidth expectations. If you want to send more data through your website, you will have to pay. There is no reason to call a hosting plan “unlimited bandwidth”.

Unlimited Storage

Site hosts don’t get anything for free because they have unlimited storage on their drives. Any high-capacity hard drive has a corresponding capacity. In addition, using hard drives is not recommended as it takes more time to back up data, which may interfere with other tasks. Unlimited storage is a way to advertise to get more customers. By drawing the total storage space, you will get less space than you expected when signing up for hosting plans.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Each mailbox needs disk space. In Pakistan, every web hosting provider offers unlimited email accounts as part of their absolute hosting service. However, they know that they have to convince you to buy their plan. They know you only need more than ten email accounts.

Guarantee Of 100% Availability

Hosting companies often falsely claim to offer a 100% uptime guarantee. Technically it’s not possible. Equipment requires regular maintenance and 3-4 days is plenty of time unless something goes wrong. When deciding to host your plan, make sure that your potential hosting provider will provide at least a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

get without limits; just focus on the quality and reliability of your hosting. Don’t spend extra money to get unlimited hosting resources. There is actually nothing undefined about it. Instead of focusing on total resources, you should requirements!

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