Ideas For Business Opportunities with The Latest Trends

Ideas for Business

Ideas For Business

When we talk about Indonesia, it cannot be separated from the love of fans who often collect merchandise. In fact, Korean fever is nothing new in Indonesia. However, the presence of new groups that are physically attractive and have musical creativity increases the number of fans. Along with this trend, commodity business opportunities are also wide open to those who want to give it a try.

Reasons To Buy A Promising Trading Company

Those of you who don’t know much may be wondering why the Ideas For Business opportunity is so promising. The reason is that fans in both Indonesia and the world are very loyal to their idol groups.

The appeal of K-Pop, which presents a complete package in terms of music, artist visuals, and stage action, is the main factor that K-Pop fans fall in love with.

From a Ideas For Business point of view, many fans who are looking for a place to sell goods come from students and students. Therefore, there are many types of goods with different price ranges.

However, you can set up your own shop on platforms such as Shopify. For example, if you are operating out of Manchester, you can simply avail the services of a shopify agency in Manchester to help you set up your shop. Once the basics are taken care of, you simply focus on sales.

Goods That Can Be Sold Online

Especially for those of you who don’t know much about it, here are 7 product recommendations to consider for your online Ideas For Business.

Shopping Bag

Starting off with fairly unisex goods, the bag can be used by male or female fans. Especially now that tote bag bags are increasingly sought after by young people as they can be carried almost anywhere. You can design a custom shopping bag with a photo or an icon of the most popular group in Indonesia.

There are several types of goods depending on the material from which they are made. It consists of a bag made of fur fabric, linen fabric and white fabric. Just pair it with materials that you can get easily.

Tags For Bags Or Luggage

You need to know that sometimes fans don’t just come to the shows in Indonesia. They are happy to travel to other countries to see their favorite idol. This can be a Ideas For Business opportunity for those who want to sell goods in the form of tags for bags and suitcases in the form of icons or images of idols. Can be hung directly, making bags and suitcases easily recognizable when traveling.

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Chemical Light

Glowing sticks are a must-have when you want to watch live concerts. This item is also made at the same time to show the identity of the group. You can sell this merch by promoting it as an essential starter pack for new fans.

A Fan Of The Idol’s Face

This commodity is divided into two types, which are made of paper and plastic. Agencies for solo singers or K-Pop groups usually release fan gadgets with the faces of their artists.

Alternatively, you can make your own hand fan to be able to offer fans cheap and inexpensive goods.

A Doll Or A Pillow

K-pop fans often look for sweet and adorable versions of their favorite idol dolls. Not only that, mini pillows with images of idols’ faces can also be a collection of goods. If they miss and want to be closer, they can hug a doll or a pillow right away, right?


Ideas for business opportunities based on the latest trends: gadgets

An example of a mug with a feeling Source: Pinterest

Remember the idol when you drink water. Drink coffee or tea, remember the idol. Mugs are still an option for cheap and inexpensive goods. Just design a custom mug with your face or image and it can be sold as merchandise.

Selling Shirts Or T-Shirts

To sell these things there are three ways you can do so. First, sell clothes from official goods produced directly by the brand (in this case, you become the seller). Second, design your own clothes with the faces of their favorite idols. Third, sell the exact same clothes or t-shirts that the idol wore.

In addition, there are several things to consider when entering the commodity industry. Since fan loyalty is very high, you really need to present good quality merchandise.

Fans are ready to spend their money in the hope of getting goods of comparable quality. From there, you can only earn the trust of your customers. The bonus is that if they like your service, they’ll recommend your store to their fans.

Trend changes also require your attention. it is not only music, but the center of global trends. You must be ready to adapt to the latest updates from the world so as not to miss.